Thanksgiving Weekend - October 7, 8 & 9, 2023

Our 2023 theme is "Flavours of Fall"

Please Note:

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* There is NO overnight camping available on the Fair Grounds

School Fair

As always, there are plenty of competitions for school-age children at the Norwood Fair. Special Education classes are included in many categories - all children are welcome to participate. Exhibits can be done at home or school.

Exhibitors: For full details on entry rules, classes, prize money and registering please visit our Fair Book (available on our home page or by using the link on the left side of this page.)


Open to Grades 1 through 8, children will be asked to submit an age-appropriate piece of writing. The required text is shown in the School Division book.

Art, Social Science

Children will submit drawings and other paper-based projects in subjects such as horticulture, science or geography. The posters competition themes include the Dairy Cattle Industry, the Norwood Fall Fair, and Remembrance Day. A mixed-media and 3-D art competition is also on display. Older students will work in charcoal, oils, pastels and other media including photography.


Kids show off their baked creations including decorated cookies, marshmallow creatures, gingerbread, and all manner of tasty treats. Recipies are listed in the School Division book.

Horticulture and Garden vegetables

Using live seasonal garden flowers (and the occasional weed), children create imaginative arrangements in a variety of themes. We look forward to the wildflowers-in-the-old-shoe category! Young gardeners display their produce - at times in rather creative ways!

Home Hobby Crafts

This is where things get really creative. Using media such as paper, produce, Christmas themes, rice crispies, ribbon, beads and even a hard boiled egg, children show off their talents for fun and prizes. The high schoolers will design a CD cover, sew stuffed animals and create scrapbook pages.