Thanksgiving Weekend - October 12, 13 & 14, 2024

Our 2024 Theme is: "Country Roads Take Me Home!"

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President's Message

Traditions like the Norwood Fair do not happen on their own; these are the types of traditions that are born and nurtured year after year with excitement and anticipation. It's more than just a yearly event, it’s a feeling that you're reminded of all year long. As the leaves start falling every year, it starts to smell like the fair in Norwood - Not Fall! And it‘s an excitement that I know as a kid was only second to Christmas. Eat taffy somewhere in the Summer? Bet you compared it to Fair taffy! And we hope the petting zoo you visited on spring break will remind you of us too. The Norwood Fair tradition leaves everyone and every sense, waiting to return to us. And we are so grateful for the opportunity to provide friends and families (from both local and far) with a meeting place to do so.

It’s the same but a slightly different tradition for exhibitors, vendors and volunteers. Who all share the rewarding job of watching it all come together. We see the fairground rise from its quiet slumber in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving weekend and be tidied up and put away the Tuesday after and it's nothing short of a miracle in organization.

It takes organizers, exhibitors and attendees lots of hours and effort to make our event what it is today. But it's worth all the inputs come Thanksgiving weekend. Especially as we watch you leaving our gates at the end of the day with smiles and a heart full of just enough tradition to hold you over until next year.

Hope to see you at this year's fair!

Krista Tweedie
President, 2022 - 2023
Norwood Agricultural Society


These folks make it happen!

Without a doubt, no event of this scope can come together without the tireless dedication of dozens of volunteers. Here are the people that make this event possible:

Officers & Directors


Krista Tweedie

1st Vice President
John Steele

2nd Vice President
Maureen Walsh

General Manager
Paul Quinlan


One Year
Jeff Dornan
John Kloosterman
John Steele
Greg Stewart
Kerstin Walsh
Maureen Walsh


Two Year
Jim Buck
Julie Hughes
Katelyn Moore
Brent Ross
Ed Walsh
Matt Walsh


Three Year
Frank English
Murray Lobb
Evan Stanely
Philip Strawbridge
Ron Timmermans
Krista Tweedie

Evan Calder
Rachel English
Emma Klompmaker
Chelsea Steele
Joey Walsh
Megan Wilson

Associate Directors

Jason Aggett
Shelley Aggett
Jeff Bailey
Murray Baptie
Scott Baptie
Joan Barraball
Ken Bell
Jane Bryenton
Lindsay Burtt
Francis Crowley
Jane Crowley
Jennifer Crowley
Joseph Crowley
Alex Davidson
Brenda Doherty
Pat Doherty
Bill Duke
Andy Elmhurst
Al English
Bill English
Leona English

Frank English
Kevin English
Ron English
Jason Ferguson
Gerald Fry
Don Funston
Kathy Galbraith
Marg Garden
Larry George
Liz George
David Graham
Andrea Hard
Hajni Hos
Kevin Hornsby
Blaine Jessup
Paul Kavanagh
Claire King
Jerry King
Brenda Lamey
Jack Lamey
Tom McKeiver
Terry Moher
Jim Moore Jr.

Pat Moore
Claire Newel
Jesse Newman
Terry Patterson
Bruce Payne
Katie Pollock
Chris Quinlan
Frank Quinlan
Len Ranee
Dan Reed
Kathy Reid
Grant Ross
Murray Ross
Pat Ross
Steve Ross
Elizabeth Ruttan
Suzanne Ruttan
Bill Scott
Ron Scott
Robert Sedgwick
Meri Lynn Shaw
Murray Shaw

Paul Sherwin
Rose Spencer
Beverly Stephenson
Scott Stewart
Cameron Stockdale
Cathy Stockdale
Colleen Terpstra
John Terpstra
Rick Thompson
Cathy Turner
Jim Turner
Will Vanderhorst
Theo Van Will
Marg Van Will
Halie Wagner
Barry Walsh
Bernard and Barb Walsh
Steve Walsh
Ron Warner
Rick Wynne

School Division

Co-Presidents: Rosemary Davidson and Emily Jones
Past Co-Presidents: Lindsay Genge and Laurie Strawbridge
Secretary-Treasurer: Jennifer Payne


Carrie Barr
Elizabeth Bult
Lori Burtt
Bonnie Davidson
Rhonda Drain
Eric Gallagher
Stephanie Greaves
Liz Hilts
Katie Hilts-Webb
Jolene Hurtubise
Julie Hurtubise

Erin Ivey
Alisha Kelly
Donna Kelly
Dorothy Kloosterman
Beth Lobb
Jeanette Marshall
Annalene Miles
Cory Morrison
Sarah Nisbet
Annette O'Halloran
Sarah Radnor

Jenn Ross
Allison Rutherford
Maureen Sedgwick
Marion Stockdale
Shelley Vandenburg
Becky Waldon
Heather Wrightly

Homecraft Division

President: Joyce Archer
Vice President: Julie Crook
Past Co-President: Denise Calder and Joan Higgins
Secretary-Treasurer: Michelle Simpson


Laurie Barton
Mike Bernadi
Pegi Bernardi
Louise Bray
Ashley Calder
Blanche Collinson
Tracy Dafoe

David Genge
Marilyn Heming
Bev Howat
Robin Howat
Laurie Inglis
Annette Klompmaker

Anne McIntyre
Debbie Ottley
Elaine Scott
Joy Seabrook
Suzi Stanley
Rene Toms
Cathy Turner

Laurie Vancott
Maureen Walsh

Thank You!

This annual event cannot happen without the financial help and support of the Municipalities, businesses, organizations and individuals in the surrounding area who have been most generous in contributing trophies, special prizes, cash donations or in purchasing advertisements in our Prize Book.

In Memoriam

Edgar Cornish