Thanksgiving Weekend - October 10, 11 & 12, 2020

The 2020 Norwood Fair has been cancelled

In this time of uncertainty, for the protection of our volunteers, for the protection of our community and also for the protection of our cash reserves, the Board of Directors of the Norwood Agricultural Society wishes to advise that the 2020 Norwood Fair is officially cancelled.
This decision was made after much consideration, discussion and anxiety and we thank everyone for their support and understanding. The Norwood Fair has weathered a few storms in its 151 years and we will get through this one too, we look forward to "business as usual in 2021".

Thank you
2020 Board of Directors
Norwood Agricultural Society (Norwood Fair)

Exhibitor Entry Form

    All entries to be submitted by September 20.

    *Last Name: *First name:
    Exhibitor #: (If you don't have one, one will be assigned)
    *Address: *City:
    *Province: *Postal Code:
    *Phone: * required
      Exhibitors entering Cattle, Bison, Sheep, Goats or Cervids must provide the following:
    CCIA Account ID #: ON Trace Premises ID #:
      Norwood Fair Grounds Premises ID # is ON4214687
      Norwood Fair CCIA Account # is A5519790


    There are no entry fees, membership fees, or monies withheld from your winnings.

    All exhibitors subject to daily admission of $10.00

    We need your name, full address and email address.


      To enter simply fill in the Class # and Section # for your entry
        Example: Needlework - Quilt, tied any size
          Class # would be 32, the Section # would be 9
      If you are entering a horse show please include the name of the horse in the description field.


    You may use this online form to submit your entry, or download this form, complete and mail to Box 377, Norwood, ON, K0L 2V0

    Class # (required) Section # (required) Description or name of horse


    * Anyone entering animals must be able to provide proof of Liability Insurance if requested to do so.

    Please check the box below before submitting your application.