Norwood Fall Fair Concession Application
Name      Company  
City     Postal Code  
Phone     When to call  
Hydro required?     Yes ______   No ________   Email
Indoor space requested?
($105.00 per 5 foot section)

Yes ______     No ________
Outdoor space requested?
($85.00 per 5 foot section)

Yes ______     No ________
Please FAX this form to 1-705-639-5468

Submitting this information does not guarantee concession space. We will contact you in late August or early September. Preference is given to concessionaires that had space at the Norwood Fair during the previous year. The number of concessionaires selling the same product is limited.

Please list all of the products you wish to sell (there may be restrictions on certain items)

*We are not accepting vendor applications from "food vendors" or "ride/game providers" Sorry


   NOTE: Successful applicants will be required to provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE with the
   Norwood Agricultural Society named as an ADDITIONAL INSURED on the CERTIFICATE.

    Signature _____________________________       Date: ________________________